Takeshi Kawamura

Music Composer/Master of Clinical Psychology/Artificial intelligence researcher
Tokyo Metropolitan Disabled Person (Child) Mobility Support Employee Qualification
Owned, Persons with disabilities (children) In-home care workers Qualifications owned.

Mr. Kawamura began sound installation from the time he was enrolled in the first literature department of Waseda University. He started a career at the request of production from Fujitsu Laboratories, Asahi Newspaper Company, NHK Enterprise etc.

After that, he signed a music management agreement with Sony Music, and is producing entertainment music, artistic film music, promotional video music and so on.

When his music business has grown steadily, his mother who was sickly injured from childhood has cancer. Because he was an only child, he will be responsible for terminal care, reducing music work.

After his mother’s death, he advanced to the doctoral course of clinical psychology while accumulating practical care of elderly people and disabled people.

And then, he advanced to Doctor’s Late Course in order to reconstruct mental care concepts and practices in modern information society and to study media theory and Fundamental Informatics.

Currently, he works as a researcher and creative director at AI Venture company in parallel with music production.

Member of Recording Industry Association of Japan
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